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Thread: Adats for a/d converter

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    Only thing I have to add is a bit of suspicion as to ADATs this day and age with only '130 hours on the heads'? (Is it possible to roll back the odometer on these things?
    Do hope you can find a tech to help figure it through though.
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    My brother just bought a Profire 2626 after they were discontinued and the price dropped, so I gave him an old blackface ADAT which now doubles his track count to 16 ins.

    As others have stated, the ADAT transport isn't even used in this kind of situation, merely the inputs through the lightpipe to the computer interface. Typically, old blackface and sometimes XT ADATS can be had for less than $100.

    The next step up in price for 8 ins and lightpipe out would be the Behringer ADA8000, street price $180 or so new.

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