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Thread: Metal Mania

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    Metal Mania

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    I'm up way too late on a Friday night, so I flipped through the channels and landed on VH1 Classic. Metal Mania. Damn...what a blast from my high school days. I came of age in such an unfortunate time for music. This show is pretty much exactly what we would have seen on Headbanger's Ball on a Saturday night in 1991. They use "metal" as such a loose term.

    This was the unfortunate junction between Hollywood and metal, neither of which I'm a fan. But 15 year old me ate this shit up.

    So far I've seen Jake E. Lee era Ozzy, Hangar 18 from Dave Mustaine with bangs, goddamn David Coverdale, skinny Sebastian Bach, a regrettable era for Ace Frehley, and a woeful abomination of a ZZ Top cover from Girschool. Everybody is so self-serious. The only fun anybody had was Spinal Tap doing a deadpan parody of this whole shit fest.

    Yet I'm still watching. Ah, nostalgia
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    Greatest Rock/Metal band ever was KC & the Sunshine Band!

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