Just wanted to share a thought here.

I have been very impressed lately by a bunch a amateur musicians.
They only play for fun, a few gigs here and there in projects but no desire nor need to make a career in this business!! Most of them do not spend so much time practicing their instruments either and lack a lot of techniques... still... they have something that many professionals lost on their path to glory... they have an impressive amount of enthusiasm and most of all... they want to have fun!!
Put enthusiasm and fun together...


I have seen them growing as a team, growing as thinkers in the band, opening their mind to a certain awareness about what they are doing and most importantly about what they are able to do with mostly: THEIR POSITIVE ENERGY!!
About 15 years ago a harmonica player I was playing with (Frederic Yonnet for who knows) told me:
If you don't have the techniques, you have to have the energy!!
Well these guys are the perfect example and demonstration of energy!!
It is an honor for me to coach them and they teach me back a lot with their humility and positive energy.

All of you here, who may have forgotten why you started playing music, remember this time because you were driven by a positive energy, no ego, no expectation for fame, and no greed for money. You just wanted to play, to have fun and to share this fun with anyone willing to listen to you.
THIS, is the musician sleeping inside all of us but that we tend to forget for other reasons that only professional musicians can recall!!