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Thread: Fostex 16 Track 1/2" - Korg X2 - Roadcase- Roland VS1824CD

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    Fostex 16 Track 1/2" - Korg X2 - Roadcase- Roland VS1824CD

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    Its closet cleaning time and I'd like to see some of these items go to you guys. If you see anything you're interested in please shoot me a PM.

    Fostex G16 16 Track 1/2" Reel to Reel

    This unit was a pull from a tv studio that went under, it has very few hours on it. It comes with the preamp module, two calibration tapes (these are old, not sure what shape they're in) and two used tapes. This is a great way to get tape in your studio.

    It has a few scratches, the top two feet for laying it flat on a table top are broken off, and the rear accessory 1 and transport control jacks have fallen back into the machine (easy fix).

    Sorry, the pictures are a little blurry.




    Broken Feet:

    Broken Transport Jack:

    Broken Accessory Jack:

    Included Tapes:

    For more pics of anything specific or questions about the unit just ask

    Make Offer

    Black Carpeted Roadcase

    This case is in good shape. Its no particular size but fits a Mackie SR24.4 quite nicely.

    Road Case (That's sun, not white marks on the carpet):

    Asking $45 + Shipping OBO

    Korg X2 Keyboard

    We've used this one many times over the years. Here are some user reviews on Harmony Central



    Korg Disk Drive:


    Asking $450 + Shipping OBO

    Roland VS1824CD Studio

    This Roland is a complete 24-bit hardrive based recording unit. It comes with the optional CD burner for burning your mix straight to CD. All the details can be found at the link above. It is in very good condition except for some minor scratches on the casing and the screen. I still have the manual and the original box.







    Asking $850.00 + Shipping OBO

    Mark Huber

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    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day Bump

    The line amp for the Fostex G16 sold separately. The tape machine is still available.

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    Bump, Roland VS1824CD Sold, Thanks Guys

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