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Thread: The Upright by Bluenoise Plugins released!

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    The Upright by Bluenoise Plugins released!

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    Hello people

    I am proud to say that Bluenoise Plugins has released a great sounding upright piano for a price of only 30 dollars! The name is as selfexplaining as could be: THE UPRIGHT
    We continue to bring stunning quality to a very low price:-)

    This piano will hopefully compare to the very best out there and holds 1 GB of pure 24 bit samples. It has a cutoff, leslie, chorus, reverb and a delay included so it can sound from classic upright to very old and swirly piano like Imagine with John Lennon.

    Name:  Theuprightinterface.jpg
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Size:  67.1 KB

    Grab it now or try the fully working demo that has 2 octaves of the sound included.

    The plugin works with most Windows sloution and is released as a 32 bit VST.

    www dot bluenoiseplugins dot com

    Hope you like it:-)

    Best regards

    Bluenoise Plugins
    "With great plugins come great responsibility"

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