Three great pedals for sale:

Jacques Trinity - Auto-wah, filter based on Moog circuit sound...GREAT pedal and I'll regret this, but I have three complete pedalboards, and I need to downsize. These are actually backordered and hard to find. Retails for $179....get this excellent condition pedal in it's original box with wah extension and cable for $125 plus actual shipping.

Subdecay Liquid Sunshine - FET overdrive (i.e. NOT a tubescreamer clone) with beautiful harmonics...cleans up with your volume knob incredibly well....also stacks with other drives much better than diode-driven distortion. This is a version two pedal that includes internal trim pots for bass and treble through the pedal. Superb drive pedal!
My price is $92 shipped and paypal'd or $90 shipped without payment fees.

This1smyne mini-buffer. Probably the best mini buffer pedal out there - check out the builder's site ( as he does incredible work. I just don't need the buffer for the other boards and I'm taking this particular pedalboard apart. In NEW condition.
Retails for $39 plus shipping and at least a 3-4 week waiting list before the build starts. $30 shipped and paypal'd for mine (and I'll get it in the mail the day after payment is received ;-).