I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I didn't see a special place in this forum for stolen gear. Back on Dec. 19-1975, got home from a gig, and had my 1967 Telecaster stolen from my car while I was unloading my gear. I don't have the serial #, but the guitar had a push-pull switch between the volume and tone knobs. (Installed by myself) The switch was slightly off-centre, and if the mounting plate were to be removed, the push-pull switch had a green body. The guitar had a rosewood fingerboard, and was cream white in color, with a fair bit of wear. Also the 3-way switch had been re-wired (Extra tone capacitor removed, and 3-way wired to have both pickups on in mid position) The push-pull switch was a phase switch for one of the pickups. Also, the neck pickup had been re-wound (By Myself). As well, my name and address were on the inside of the pickgaurd. My address was either 2350 Garnet St. or 2217 Cameron St. Both places are in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. If anyone has any info on this guitar, please contact me at jim.mclennan@uregina.ca There is a reward offered for the return of the guitar.