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Thread: MXL 960 Tube Mic, upgraded RCA NOS tube, $160 Free Ship lower 48

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    MXL 960 Tube Mic, upgraded RCA NOS tube, $160 Free Ship lower 48

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    Hi guys. Selling my MXL 960 Tube mic. When i bought it last year I bought a NOS RCA low gain tube, can't remember the actual model, but it was not one of the normal au7, ay7 types, it was an even lower gain. With this tube, this mic is incredibly quiet and detailed. That kind of quiet and detail where you can hear your lips smacking softly and such, really super nice. I am asking $159 and that's free shipping in the lower 48. It's in great shape, only used here for my personal recording and never taken out of my bedroom. Everything it came with, two long, great quality cables, power unit and cord, of course mic and stand clip and huge wind foam screen. Hard shell case, original box, it is basically used only a few hours of actual on time.

    You will love the new old stock RCA tube. Makes this mic sound unreal, super quality.

    I am a verified, premier paypal member, I have several references on GearSlutz site and have sold two Golden age pre 73's here, My ebay name is guitar0633 and my Ebay rating is over 600 positives and zero negatives.

    The mic is well protected inside it's hard case and will be shipped in it's original box AND INSURED. I only want to ship to the lower 48 states guys, I just hate going through that international shipping stuff.

    I will put this on my local Craigslist and then on Ebay soon so don't wait or you could lose it. I will provide tracking number as well.

    $159.00 will get this to your door in the lower 48 with upgraded old stock RCA tube, and you will be blown away at it's delicate sound and the deal you just got. Feel free to email me at guitar0633@yahoo.comor even call me at 865 Four Zero Five-2760 My name is Jeff and that's my personal cell number. Or you can just respond here as well. Here is a pic on my flickr account.
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    Call it $150. and we might have a deal.
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