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Thread: DIY Portable Drum Riser

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    DIY Portable Drum Riser

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    A few of the outdoor venues we played this summer didn't put any thought into elevating the drummer to proper levels with their in-house or temporary stages, so I decided to take matters into my own hands...

    I needed something lightweight and portable but it also needed to be durable and sturdy enough to do the job, as well as be compact enough to store away when not in use...

    So, here's what I came up with with a few ideas gathered from around the interwebs:


    Wood: (I used 5/8" particle board)

    Top = 5' 1/2" X 4' (x2)

    Sides = 5' 1/4" x 15" (x2)

    Front/Back = 8' x 15" (x2)

    Supports = 5' 1/4" x 15" (x3), 7' 3/4" x 15" (x2)

    End Pieces = 4" x 15" (x8)

    3 1/2" Brass Door Hinges (x6)

    Black Paint (Gallon)

    I think the grand total came to around $68 at Home Depot

    The concept is to hinge one side with the front piece, and the other side with the back piece so that they fold together flat when not in use. To connect them all when making the frame, you use hinges that have the pin removed and replace the pin when in use. Basic notched crossforms (ala waterbed frames) provide the internal support:

    All the pieces ready to assemble. The riser breaks down to this size for transport and storage.

    Two hinges attach the end of the left side with the front of the frame (and the right side will attach to the back) I fattened each end with the 4" end pieces to allow for meatier screws.

    On the other end of each frame piece, I added just one hinge and removed the pin. (I actually replaced it with a 5" drum lug for easier removal/insertion)

    Each frame section (Front/Left - Back/Right) now fold together for storage and/or hauling.

    Unfold each section and reinsert the pins to connect the Front/Left to the Back/Right

    Cut 7.5" slots in your support pieces to fit them together as cross members. I used 2 horizontally and 3 vertical, but you can support yours any way you see fit.


    Lay the two surfaces pieces on...




    And... Voila!

    Finished dimensions: 8' wide, 5.5' deep and 15" high.

    The drums can now go where they belong... Above those pesky guitar players

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    One of the things I really dig about home recording is the scope it allows for home made things. It's so easy now to buy things ready made. But there really is this great satisfaction that comes from making something yourself, if you can.
    Just looking at your process, Bent, it's inspiring.
    The riser looks pretty sturdy too.
    Good one, man !

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    Looks good. The assembly kind of reminds me of a setting up the base for a waterbed in the ol' days.

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    That is exactly how we did a drum riser while I was in a touring band back in the 80's took up no space at all in the semi! One of the crew members came up with the idea and we fabricated it on an off day in the parking lot of the venue.
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    Good work, looks pro...

    ... that's one cheesy drumhead on your bassdrum though

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    I thought the drum head was the best part

    I was tryin to remember where I'd seen that layout before and Jaygee nailed it.
    It looks great Bent and sturdy too I bet.

    Props, good sir.

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