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Thread: Do you mix to tape ?

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    I got the impression that CLA would make a good run for a political office. . . Nothing committal, nothing to come back and haunt you, nothing ground-breaking, very generic and un-insightful, but hey, they can't all be like Harvey. . . He may prefer to let his work speak for itself, and that's fine. . . But then, why do a Q and A?. . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtoDeficient View Post
    He may prefer to let his work speak for itself, and that's fine. . . But then, why do a Q and A?. . .
    Well, exactly. Letting your work do the talking is an excellent way to go only if you intend to say nothing. But if you're going to do a Q&A's like agreeing to take questions on marriage and simply saying "well, it's a good thing". Technically, you may have answered the question but Q&As are not about technically answering !

    I'm laying it down, but the mice ain't picking it up !

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    The Q&A reads, in many instances, like pockets are being filled with excess fluids & those were the ones that elicited the lengthier responses.
    I understand that - those who know & like his work respond like fans - a little more restrained - but like fans.
    When I bumped into Declan McManus in a crowded gig in Sydney many years ago all I could manage was "praise the lord". Then again, what could/should/would I have said to a bloke walking out of the lav. on his way to the stage to do a duet, (Baby, It's You), with Nick Lowe?
    Mayhap the Q&A ought to have been advertised as a massage and sneak in a Q session!
    Hey, if it attracted more members to the forum, if it raised the profile of CLA and sold a couple of wave units the aim is achieved. I doubt anyone will have taken away any useful tips or handy hints.
    I hope the song comp has a little more depth to it than the Q&A.
    Good luck to those entering - when you make your 1st million remember I didn't do anything to help, hinder or harm.
    Cheers rayC
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