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Thread: CLA Q&A session: READ THIS FIRST!!!

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    It was great, and his list of recordings is amazing.

    My two favorite Q&A's were the one of rock vocal - SM7 & Distressor, and the Q about EQ, 3 points with response of 80,1k, 8k. really interesting.

    Had there been more time to have him dissect a HR recording of the MP3 thread would have been great too.

    The comment of having software offering 12 comps versus trying to buy 12 hardware comps was interesting. I heard some other pro's say the difference is minimal.

    He skipped over my monitor Q?, but every article clearly mentions he uses the old NS10 and a cheap subwoofer from Frys and has for years. no mystery there.

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-HG

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    wow!!!!! I am glad to find this site.

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