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Thread: Vocal isolation shield

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    Quote Originally Posted by songsj View Post
    Automating between lines is probably a good idea, I think the pro's do that. Just need to be sure I don't chop off reverb tails. Also a good idea to do that on all tracks. Mute, remove or bring the volume all the way down on any section of any track when it is not playing.
    I edit the raw track and reverb is applied during the mix. If you've recorded with reverb on then yes you have to be a little careful with the reverb tails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrushkiwt View Post
    That's funny. I do the same, kinda, but I use comforters instead. And I make it 4 sided. Yes, I have to pull one side back to get out of the cave and touch the mouse/cpu, but it works well. And I put this behind the mic for added reflection:

    CAD VocalShield VS1 Foldable Stand-Mounted Acoustic Shield | Musician's Friend
    That's my solution also. I have a suspended ceiling in the basement (er, I mean studio) and you can buy these plastic clips that attach to the metal ceiling rails to ostensibly let you hang plants or something. I put metal eyelets in several old fuzzy comforters and hang them from the clips by S hooks to make a 4-sided booth.

    I have a deadening scoop around the back of the mic also. I made mine by buying a 6" deep wire tray/basket in the closet/shelving department and covering it inside and out with a felt material sold as weatherproof insulation. The basket has a 1" grid and if I needed a bigger access way I could easily cut the wire with bolt cutters. Total cost under $20 plus the comforters which I already had, plus a 6" horizontal extended mic stand bracket I already had that keeps the deadening scoop from sliding down the mic stand.
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    I tested my vocal shield today a bit, This is is far from a scientific test just my ears. I bought the Neewer one that is 65.00 Not the large one but not the real small on either. I was not expecting much and I think that is about what I got. Frankly I think there are better ways to design these things but what do I know. It may calm the reflections down a touch, I am going to use it because I don't see how it can hurt but I am working on some other things like the angle of mic placement, gain staging, proper distance from mic when singing along with good old vocal technique etc that are probably going to net me greater improvements in my vocal tracks than this shield. If I had it to do over again today I would not buy it. The bigger ones may do a better job but it seems to me that unless you are enclosing the entire mic and I mean sides, top, and bottom, you really are not cutting down on much of anything noticeable. I will be doing more experimenting over the next week and update if I find any different results.

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