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Thread: Great Vocal Exercise!

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    Great Vocal Exercise!

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    [Vocal practice stuff, so forgive the sound quality]

    Here is a great exercise that I want to share with anybody practising singing.

    Record a clip of yourself singing. Then sing over it, while playing it back at normal to full volume, preferably through headphones. Try to use a contrasting tone. It is not easy!

    Listening at normal to full volume means helps train your "mind's voice" because your actual sound gets drown out to some degree. (Of course you would only do that for practice purposes.) Producing a separate tone makes you more conscious of the coordination you use to sing.

    In this clip, I start with one vocal, then sing over it at the very end. I felt as if I was singing higher, even though I wasn't. I think the second tone (left channel) was only lighter. I wasn't so aware of how this felt before.

    It sounds different to using the same tone on both channels.

    I messed up on the next one. My second attempt is an improvement, though, so I'll post that one only. I'm still struggling to produce a different tone without actually changing key. Are the tones different at all, or is it my wishful thinking?



    Oh, what the heck! This is what went wrong the first time. I got thrown badly off pitch:

    Second (first attempt)

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    I've got to try this myself. Thanks for sharing your exercise, kickingtone!
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    Haven't listened, question though-
    Listening at normal to full volume means helps train your "mind's voice" because your actual sound gets drown out to some degree.
    Doesn't that mean you can't hear your 'new and live -pitch, and everything else you might want to tune in on technique wise?
    Maybe I'm misunderstanding.
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