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Thread: Do you think i can sing?

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    Sorry but I don't think you have what it takes to be a lead singer at the moment. Maybe some lessons would help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simpan27 View Post

    So here's the deal....If you go outside and listen to the birds sing...they all sing...some sound more pleasant than others...some are just downright annoying... can they all sing? Yes

    As humans most anyone with properly working lungs and a functioning voice box can when you ask can I sing? The answer is an emphatic yes you can. Now if you extend that question to do I have what it takes vocally to be a lead singer in a band...the answer again would be yes....but remember Yoko Ono sang in a band. Good is subjective and the masses may think you're great and a minority might think you stink or vice versa. Not trying to offend you or discourage you. We all have dreams...That said based on what I heard if you don't work on your pitch and control and also delivery, even if you are really good looking it is unlikely ( at least in my limited experience opinion ) that you will be selling out arena's and living the high life of a super wealthy rock star. That said it is highly unlikely than any other member here at is going to be either....and trust me there are some damn good musicians hanging here. It's a one in a million chance, like winning the lottery and being amazing is only one element of getting the big break....after 50+ years of chasing dreams I have one solid take away....The harder I work at something, the luckier I get...

    If you enjoy singing and already like what you hear then do what you do, work hard and enjoy it as best you can. If when you listen to your recordings and you hear stuff you don't like work hard to improve and keep at it. If you're doing this for the glory, adoration, the mansion and the yacht well you may be wasting your time but then might just get "lucky" if you work hard enough at it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAE View Post
    As humans most anyone with properly working lungs and a functioning voice box can when you ask can I sing? The answer is an emphatic yes you can.
    This is the truth.

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