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Thread: Can I sing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huckel Berry View Post
    WTF are you just some copy cat agent that says the same thing in every post without even listening to the demo?
    No need to attack.
    First rule of asking for criticism - Be able to take criticism.
    RustyAxe was absolutely right the two times I've seen him make that comment.
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    Recently using a voice recognition software (for typing college work), I was not using good vocal production and losing my voice. I recalled a brief few sessions from years ago with a voice coach and got back to proper use of voice--all is well though I have to be aware of not falling back into bad habits.

    A coach has to see, yes see where the sound is produced as well as hear you to know how to correct you . . . it's not a natural thing for people (proper vocal production).

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    not bad. but i think there's potential. when the chorus part kicked in with the projection i felt was a little pitchy.
    good work though. keep working at it

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