Welcome to HR! Please read the following guidelines before posting on the forums. Thanks and see you around.

Itís important to respect other Forum membersí opinions, even if they differ from your own. This is what adds value to a forum: healthy discussion and debate. If you donít agree with another memberís opinion, thatís OK. Do not state your own opinion as fact. If you believe your view to be clearly right, or someone else's to be clearly wrong, supply evidence to support this. But it's important that we give others room to have their own opinions. After all, many of us mix differently yet produce great quality mixes.

Donít ever personally attack another member or call them names. Don't resort to school yard bullying tactics. Do not intimidate another member. If offering criticism, make sure itís constructive criticism, and not just something meant to belittle a member or his/her work without any useful information.

HomeRecording is a place for home recorders and home studio owners to gather and discuss a variety of topics. Please try to post your thread in the appropriate forum. When in doubt, ask a mod.

Editing someone's words to alter the content of their quote is not permitted, as it rarely leads to anything good or productive. This applies to "jokes" as well as for any other reason.

Positive reputation should be given to members who post meaningful, helpful, thoughtful or otherwise productive posts. Any post that constitutes a meaningful contribution to a thread likely deserves positive reputation. This doesnít necessarily mean that you agree with the post.

However, giving positive reputation to someone just because you like the color green, want to reward someone for siding with you in a volatile argument, or because theyíre your buddy are not good reasons to give positive reputation.

Negative reputation should be given to a member if he/she posts something that derails a thread or otherwise detracts from the discussion. If the post is rude, instigative, inappropriate, breaks forum rules, volatile, aggressive, etc, negative reputation may be justified.

However, simply not liking another member, having a personal grudge with one or several members, not agreeing with someoneís opinion, etc, are not good reasons to give negative reputation. People are entitled to their own opinions and should never be punished for holding an opposing view to your own. Furthermore, just because you donít agree doesnít necessarily mean that the posting member was wrong or was not contributing to the discussion.

HomeRecording is a place for musicians, audio engineers, home recorders, etc. There are off-topic forums which offer great places to take a break from music and discuss a plethora of different things. But the following topics are NOT to be discussed on HR as they have proven to cause nothing but trouble, whether or not the trouble was intended:

1. Politics (including but not limited to current wars, elections and gun rights)
2. Religion
3. Illegal Activity

There are many other forums that you are more than welcome to check out should you want to discuss the above topics. HR, however, is not one of them. See below for greater detail on what we consider a "political" post.

HR considers a political post to be any post that directly or indirectly encourages discussion of politics, politicians, political parties, political media outlets, or government public policies.

Our "off-topic" areas are not for discussion of foreign policy, presidential elections, gun rights, criminal justice policy or issues, any specific branches of government or generally any government policy on the local, state, national or international level.

Any post containing a politician by name or in an image, even as a joke, may be removed as a political post.

All of the rules pertaining to posts on the website apply to the content of signatures as well. Any signature containing religious, political or other prohibited content will be deleted. So, please leave your political comments, Bible verses, drug references, etc out of your signature on this website.

Deliberately posting something controversial that one could reasonably assume would cause disruption is NEVER permitted. It wastes modsí time and it wastes membersí time, while also diminishing the value of the content available on HR, which ultimately is meant to help people improve in their craft. Posting an differing opinion, in a determined stubborn or aggressive manner, simply to start a disruption or attack anyone who doesnít share your opinion is NOT permitted. Opposite opinions are not against the rules and are encouraged, but trolling for disagreement and arguments is against the rules.

The Moderators here are volunteers that serve to make the site better by keeping it running smoothly. It's a thankless and under-appreciated job. Many times they take abuse from those that they contact. But they are a huge reason why HR has grown to be a valuable resource for home recorders. They do not need to be second guessed by armchair mods that think they could do a better job. They use discretion and will take your intent into account.

If you have a question about a Mod action or another member that was banned, do not start a thread publicly questioning Mod actions or bannings as this thread / post will be removed. Instead, PM or Email the Mod or an Admin directly.

If you violate the guidelines listed above, it doesnít necessarily require a swift and immediate swing of the ban hammer. However, violating the guidelines can get you temporarily or permanently banned from HR, with or without warning. There is no discussion about this. It is entirely up to the moderators and staff. Moderators and admins are not here to personally attack members or abuse their mod and admin powers. They use their judgment and take action for the betterment of HR.

If you receive an email with a warning about something you've done wrong here, be careful how you respond. If you reply with insults, swearing or anything else that can be considered bullying behavior, you will automatically be banned.

Do not post mod PMs, emails, or other private statements for public discussion on HR. These communications are between you and the moderator and are not open for public discussion. Doing so may also result in your banning from the site.

This list of rules isnít meant to keep you under a magnifying glass, but rather to give both mods and members the opportunity to abide by the same general rules and treat each other fairly, without playing favorites. They are ultimately implemented in order to help HR remain a place where home recorders can help one another improve in their craft.

With that said, enjoy your stay here. We hope it helps you reach the next level as a home recorder. See you around on the forums!

*NOTE* We try to make this list of guidelines as complete as possible to make it easy for members and mods to see what is and isn't permissible. However, this list can't cover everything that someone could possibly think to do with their posts on HR -- when in doubt send an email to the admin or HR support first before posting something that seems like it could be a problem.