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Thread: Upgrading to a 'beginners home studio' from an iPad + garageband

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    Upgrading to a 'beginners home studio' from an iPad + garageband

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    Right, I think that Iíve come to the end of the road Ö. When it comes to continuing the way that I have been previously.

    Itís time to hang up the iPad + Garageband, and my Apogee Mic

    Iím not doing it to enable me to give up my job and make stacks of cash selling music, Iím doing it as continual improvement is always a good thing.

    Iíve dusted down a couple of laptops that I had laying around and tried to find the one with the best spec. After about 3 hours of trying various passwords, eventually I found the one that worked and looked at the system spec. 923GB disk, with 900GB free, nice, that will do.

    I already have a copy of Cubase Ė from research that is a common/decent DAW. It actually came free with my new guitar amp (Yamaha THR10) Ė which I guess whatís kicked this all off.

    I already have a version of Reaper Ė again, from research that is a common/decent DAW

    I got some music shop vouchers (£50) from someone at Christmas so I am going to take a visit to see them tomorrow and pick up either a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, or a Steingberg UR22 interface (they have both in stock as I just called them). Edit Ė the presonus audibox iTwo looks like it would do the job as well for the same price Ė hmmmm flip a coin I guess.

    I donít have any monitors yet Ė but I can make do with my decent headphones for the time being Ė itís my birthday in Feb so thatís an easy present that my Mrs can get me Ė something like JBL LSR 305ís

    I already have a mic Ė Sure SM58. Thatís cool for vocals. I can get a SM57 later when I want to record acoustic guitar Ė but Iíll stick with the electric guitar for the time being.

    Already have stand/pop filter

    I think that I already have the cables

    I have an old corner desk in the garage from when I used to work from home Ė this should fit.

    I think that should have me covered for a Ďbeginner home studioí set up. I can start upgrading over time should it be needed.

    Suppose the reason for this post - any glaring errors that jump out?

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    It looks like you've assembled a reasonable shopping list. It's a good starting point. Any of the interfaces should be fine.

    In time, if you pursue this activity, you will progressively upgrade and improve.

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