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Thread: Setting up my band rehearsal room above a bar in an old building, need advice!

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    The idea of a riser sounds intriguing. A few years back, we had to isolate a sensitive microscope from a factory floor. We used something similar to the items in the link below. I couldn't find the exact pucks we used, but these look close.

    You have to calculate for loading. Too heavy or too light and they don't work. The ones we used were advertised to isolate down to 4hz, but we measured it about 10hz. It was good enough.

    Just a thought to go along with B_H's idea.

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    Those are cool, Chili.
    We honestly used felt hockey pucks with the one we did in the 80s, but all this new-fangled rubber/plastic/polypropylene isolation stuff wasn't around (or was extremely expensive) then...I looked at felt hockey pucks and thought of recommending them, but they're $9.50 a pop, and the rubber isolaters are only $1.45.
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    Just an update: after doing some more research I finally decided on a simple double layer of 2" OC 703 with a couple sheets of plywood on top. The room isn't quite ready to implement the platform so I haven't built it yet. The drum throne will sit on it's own separate riser next to the floating one. This way the drum platform won't tip when the drummer sits down. I think given my less than ideal circumstances that this platform will mechanically isolate the kick pedal and whatever energy is normally transferred from the drums to the floor. This is my goal more than any sort of sound proofing or treatment. Thank you all for your insight. This forum is such a wealth of information! I'll check back in once I build the thing and do a before and after test to give you my honest opinion. Stay tuned!

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