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Thread: Near-Field Monitor Stands at Atypical Mix Position

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    Quote Originally Posted by miroslav View Post
    So while you say you can't change the touchscreens...I think you have to really consider that the speaker monitors and room are the most important part of your studio setup if mixing/mastering is a critical part of your studio work.
    IOW...where there's a need, you just have to find a way and make the changes and adjustment to get to the best-case best as you can.
    Don't get me wrong, I place a lot of importance on studio aesthetics and workflow comfort...but sometimes, you can't have it like you want it, and you have to choose what will be sacrificed.
    This would be my suggestion as well, if put to a vote.
    Boogeymen Productions

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    To tell the truth...I don't understand what the problem is with putting the monitors on either side of the two Raven MTi2 displays.
    They are onl7 27" screens...27 +27 = 54"
    The optimum speaker monitor setup calls for 67.5" tweeter center to there should be no problem having the two MTi2 displays sandwiched by the speaker monitors, and placed flat....rather than trying to come up over the top of them.

    The other thing...most people have the Raven displays angled well down, since they are touchscreens, rather than up, like typical display monitors...and in that setup, you are able to have them down lower, with the speaker monitors up over them, and still at the optimal ear height.

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