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    I am torn between a selection of monitors (upgrading from m-audio av30)

    Here is my shortlist:

    Rokit rp6's
    Jbl 305 or 308's
    Presonus eris E5's

    My main concern is whether to go for the larger 308's or any of the other contenders. My room is fairly large (living room/dining room L25ftX14ft) and I only have limited acoustic treatment (still in the process of adding more) I'm worried about the bass control if I opt for the larger monitors, it may play havoc in my room at louder volumes.

    I've included the rokit rp6's in the list as these would fall nicely between the JBL 308's and the 305's.

    I'll mainly be mixing acoustic tyes of music.

    Any thoughts

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    You don't say how big the room actually is or what your price range is either..........although the selections you've listed give us some idea. I have the JBL 305's and the Rokit 6 gen 2's. In my opinion the JBL's do a good job but have slightly less lower mids than they should. The Rokit 6's are better at the bottom end but can be a bit "honky" in the upper mids. They seem to reveal a poor mid mix better than the JBL's but that's subjective of course. I'm sure others will weigh in on that. My favorite set of monitors are actually Tannoy's. In any case........unless you get your room to where what you hear at your mixing sweet spot is accurate.......neither choice will serve you too well. As with all'll need to spend a lot of time getting "used" to them and how they reproduce all kinds of sounds and music.
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    I would just say, a lot depends on placement. the ERIS might be just fine. Look at what the offerings give you for room correction on the back panel, and, consider porting issues.

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    I'll just comment on the JBLs (I have 305s, but my room is much smaller than yours). They have rear bass ports (I don't know about the others) so if you have them near a front wall, you need bass trapping behind them. If you've got them out 1/3 of the way into the room (ideal), then that's no longer an issue.
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