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Thread: bass traps

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    bass traps

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    I have a very small home studio space, which is a control room/vocal recording area.
    Would I be better be using the 'super chunk ' method, or straddling the corners with panels and an air gap for my bass traps
    opinions greatfully received
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    Super chunks reach farther into the lower frequencies. If that is an option, I think that is preferable. They take up space though and it looks like you don't have much of it. Looks like you really only have 1 corner that could fit one. I've heard of guys making super chunks that were smaller but that defeats the purpose. The wall sides of your super chunks should be 2 feet long. Behind your monitors, do you have 2.5 feet from the wall to the door jam (allow some pace for framing etc)?
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    No dimensions, but it looks like this 'room' is about 5ft x 11ft? That means no room for superchunks, and not much for standard 2'x4'x4" traps, either. You're going to need as much trapping as you can squeeze in there.
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