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Thread: "Archer" Cartoon and Homestudioguy

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    "Archer" Cartoon and Homestudioguy

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    JC Richardson has been doing Sound Recording, Re-Recording, Sound and Sound Design for the "Archer" Cartoon Series since 2011 as well as having done the same for numerous other Cartoons and movies over the years including "SEALAB 2021", "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", "Frisky Dingo", "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" and many others (Link to his IMDb info is here: J.C. Richardson - IMDb )

    Posted below, with his permission, is a quick photo he took last month of his Work Environment including his very modified PDF50 Studio Desk. This is JC's second desk build project using the PDF50 Build Plans but this time it is bigger and more modified than his first, essentially due to the need for more video monitors.

    PS: Another PDF50 Plan Buyer who does similar work is Jamie Roden of the UK.
    His work includes Post-Audio for 3-"Harry Potter" Movies, "Sherlock Holmes", "Batman Begins", "Les Miserables" and more.
    Here is his IMDb Link: Jamie Roden - IMDb
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