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Thread: $3000 for Senior Project

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    $3000 for Senior Project

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    I have $3000 to create a studio for my senior project. I already have an iMac G5 with 2GB of ram and a 500GB hard drive and I'm using logic studio. I also have a Shure SM58 and an M-Audio keyboard. I want to be able to record my jazz combo (2 horns, drums, bass guitar) and my friends rock bands. If anyone could recommend some gear that would be great.

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    get a couple of SM57's
    and maybe a mixer and some headphones

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    The first thing to look at is how many instruments you want to record at the same time. That will determine your interface.

    The second thing is to figure out how you're going to mix. Do you want to do it on the computer? With your budget that's what I would suggest.

    Third, room treatment. You can make a HUGE improvement by doing some reading and building stuff yourself.

    Fourth, microphones. Once you've sorted the above out, you'll have a budget left over for microphones.

    Once you start specifying what you need from the above, you'll probably start getting some more useful answers
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    If a senior project gives you access to your school's music facilities, I would look into recording there . . . surely there is some music industry major who needs to record something as their senior project at least get access to their rehearsal facilities, ideally something large enough to fit your band. Then get a simple portable rig and a pair of good mics. Good mics + good room + good band recorded live = good jazz.

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