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Thread: $10K budget - what would you get?

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    $10K budget - what would you get?

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    I would like to assemble a portable setup for live recording based on a 10k budget. I am going to use a mac mini + mbox2 + protools as the foundation. I would like to be able to record small group jazz/blues/acoustic music in various environments usually indoors. The things I am looking to spend a lot on is nice tube (?) ribbon mic, tube condenser mic(s.) I am interested in the warm smooth sound of tubes and want to integrate them as much as possible into my system, (but prefer a clean, neutral tube sound.) I would like to focus a lot on getting a good mic pre-amp. I really don't know where to begin and would like some advice. Thanks!

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    You are posting this in the wrong forum - go to the Newbies forum and ask the same question.


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    And welcome to HR.

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