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...when we can let our "real world senses" back off...
That does appear to be a common theme in many of these experiences.

But such behaviour comes with a threat to social cohesion. People are, by and large, programmed to "rein in" their "other senses" (giving rein to their "real world senses" may be a more accurate description), resulting in our much valued, but mundane, social regimen swamping and choking our artistic proclivities. The idea of freedom of the mind being considered a threat to society is very thought provoking, in itself. Art is the final bastion of expression, where ideas have been dumped like a toxin in a condemned building.

And, as we reach into that place with tongs, and withdraw constipated fragments of "creativity", is it a wonder that we struggle? Through our own volition, we flee the freedom of our own mind, afraid of the nature of what we think, and what others think of what we think.

Thoughts are whispered and intimated tortuously in the mind games of lyrics, then rupture in a hypnotic skirl of rap words, like a noxious gas through a blown gasket. Or a suppressed infant throwing a tantrum, society's child taking after its parent.