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Thread: Need lyrics

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    Quote Originally Posted by musicturtle View Post
    Here is what I have come up with. I am not extremely happy with the vocal recording but I am hoping to get a new mic and redo the vocal.
    Hope you like it.

    When Love Is Real by Tony Andrulonis | Free Listening on SoundCloud


    Nice. I hear that u have changed some of the lyrics.... suits the song.

    A couple of things that u might take into consideration to next recording:

    - There seems to be some small drifting off beat. Maybe try to sing it with the metronome on..? Helps me when im singing to a somewhat undefined beat music.
    - take back the pitch shift u used on the first recording in "and a crowded people just fade away" in the word "away" u did a pitch change I loved
    -same goes with "and something new about every day". the pitch in "day" as u did on the first recording. Thats what caught my attention...

    Just some suggestion, the decision is completely yours :-)


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    Good idea for the click track. Didn't really think of that since I didn't record the music. I will give it a go next time. I will see if I still have the recording of my first take so I can see what you are talking about pitch wise. Either way I have really enjoyed working on the song.

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