I'm a complete newbie regarding recording with computer-in-a-phone set up. I've always used a combo of analog and digital desk equipment.
I just purchased an LG V20 phone. Though I bought it for its other uses, I chose this model specifically for it's quality DACs, and I'm fairly impressed with the sound that it achieves when recording.
My question/problem is this: in it's recording mode it seems to have a serious latency problem. The unit has a sound-on-sound type of system that, while rudimentary, does show a lot of promise. But when tracking a vocal or other source over the basic track, the Mic is processed by the unit at the same time, thus creating a monitoring lag (I haven't clocked it, but I'll guess it's in the range of 400-500 ms). At that level, I find it just about impossible to get timing right, let alone phrasing! You would think that the engineers that designed the phone would have addressed this but, as far as I can tell, there is nothing in place for dealing with it. Even a "switch" (I hesitate to call a 'Button' on a screen a switch) to remove the Mic from the monitoring feed altogether would work. I would set the cans on my head with one ear out, and be just fine thank you. I have read every available manual, pamphlet or ad and called customer support, and no luck.
I'm hoping someone here has the same phone and knows how to make it work, or that somebody with more grey matter than me has a suggestion that might help.