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Thread: 5 best voice recording software for Android

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    Wink 5 best voice recording software for Android

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    I use Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, and I fought recording apps. I have fought 5 apps. I wanna share it to you
    5 good voice recording software for Android is very handy for recording lectures, meetings ...

    1. Skyro Voice Recorder


    Skyro Voice Recorder has a nice design. The free but ad-free application supports a lot of features: Place-based tagging makes it easy to search for recordings based on the location of the recording. Thanks to automatic save technology, you will not worry about losing your data if your phone is out of battery during recording. The application supports backing up recordings to Dropbox; Save recordings on SD memory card; Change recording settings, share files via Bluetooth, MMS, email or third-party applications like Whatsapp, Evernote, Skype, Google Drive ...; Users can click on the widget to record directly from the lock screen.

    2. Cases

    Cogi serves many recording purposes such as voice recording, audio recording. Users can create voice notes while attending meetings, classes, or making calls. Cogi also supports recording calls from both sides ...

    3. Easy Voice Recorder

    Easy Voice Recorder is a simple, easy-to-use software with high quality PCM and AAC recording. The recording process can take place in the background, and the user can control via a widget on the home screen. Easy Voice Recorder supports recording with micro Bluetooth, increase the input volume thanks to micro gain software. The software automatically ignores and does not record silent chats.

    4. Recordense Voice Recorder

    With Recordense Voice Recorder, you can mark the recording in color for easy identification. The application allows you to choose the sound quality (high, medium, low), memory card support, synchronization of recordings on multiple devices with Google Drive, control recording program from the notification bar.

    5. Smart Voice Recorder


    Recording dream speech (or snoring) while sleeping, conversations are not seamless. Smart Voice Recorder continues recording even when the screen is off. Users can share the recording via email. WhatsApp, Dropbox ...

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