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Thread: Wireless tracking headphones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbsy View Post can spend hundreds or even thousands on a wireless system that's almost as good as a $20 cable.

    Cords are only a PITA if you don't have them laid out properly, or if too short, or what have you...but I would always rather plug in than use wireless.

    At the console, there's a close by connection. For longer runs when I'm tracking, I have some passive headphone boxes I'll put out near to where I'm standing, so I run a line from the headphone amp to the box, and then plug the headphone in at the box.
    For tracking guitars, I made a harness that has both guitar cord and headphone extension cord with a female connector that ends up right next to the guitar jack. I then have a very short cord from the headphones to that female connector.
    I have headphones that have removable I can use a long one or a short one.
    Works great...the guitar cable and headphone extension cable are both on the same side and move together...there's no headphone cable for me to get tangled up in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tadpui View Post
    Direct Sound (Extreme Isolation) is supposed to be coming out with wireless iso headphones at some point, but I don't know how close they are to release. I watched a video about them from Winter NAMM, and they looked cool. But I've yet to see any hit the market.
    For tracking they need to be analogue wireless - digital wireless has latency...

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