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Thread: What do you think about the Audio Technica AT2020?

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    What do you think about the Audio Technica AT2020?

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    I got this mic a month or so ago for 150$ (USB version) of course like most purchases I make, I did research on it first and some big sites recommended it so I bought it. It sounds HQ to me, but I don't know about this stuff. demo:

    My friend is the one rapping(im producing) and he does it in his room with no manipulation to it or anything like that. Is there better mics for the price? Because he's buying his own that he's going to use for this, he was borrowing mine before.

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    The vocal sounds like it could be fine to me, but it's under-processed.
    Congratulations though; It usually goes the other way.

    I'd like to hear a high pass filter on there to clear up the low end and maybe a light delay or reverb. It's sitting quite dry at the minute.

    I have no experience with that microphone but it sounds like it's workable to me.
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    Very well done. Vocal sounded very clean, up front and sat well in the mix.
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    If he's going to buy his own, I'd suggest the XLR model, not USB - for a multitude of fairly obvious reasons I won't get into here. If you or he (or wherever he'll be recording) has a preamp or interface, then XLR is the way to go imo. I believe they updated that 2020 mic to the 2030? I think the main difference is the update has a -10 db pad and a high pass filter switch. Which would be ideal for close micing rap vocals. The pad helps the mic not overload and distort (yes the mic can distort too before the sound even gets to the computer or soundcard/interface, which you can't control with a volume knob later). The low pass filter will make it clearer sounding in the low end so you have less post processing to do and the vocal sounds just a little closer to the finished product as it is going in.

    I have the 2050 version which is the multi-pattern version of the 2030 and it's been great for me for most vocal applications, room mics on guitars and as an outside kick drum mic. It works on acoustic guitars fairly nicely too as it has that presence peak our ears tend to like on things like acoustic guitars and vocals.

    Good luck!
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    Wow, you guys are helpful and very friendly. I'm glad that I made a good purchase.

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