Hello everyone,

This announcement is to introduce some recent fixes and additions to the forum.

The list is as follows.

  • Members are notified when they are quoted.

  • Attachments are now enabled in private messaging.

  • Private messaging also now has reply-to-all and next/previous options.

  • Soundcloud and Youtube links will now auto-embed if the link is complete.

  • You can draw a member's attention to a thread by mentioning them with '@'. Eg @Steenamaroo

  • There should be fewer issues with Internet Explorer now, particularly relating to post quoting.

  • Post prefixes are enabled for the classifieds section. For Sale, Wanted, etc.

  • 'Mark As Solved' is available under 'thread tools' forum wide.

  • PDF documents can now be attached to posts/PMs.

If you have any questions or notice any issues, please don't hesitate to get a mod's attention,
or start a thread in The Feedback Forum about it.

HR Mods+Admin.