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Thread: Recommendations for upgrades/additional gear

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    Know exactly what you're talking about. Clean sound is great but you want sizzle,pop,etc . And then you say wow that 's what i want. After tinkering with stock plug ins( studio one ), purchasing other vst's i've come close to the sound i want. Nothing like a good f*** take to sound good . And that's at home and anywhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malik161 View Post
    I'm sorry but what is it with people constantly buzzing over the sm7b.
    Probably the same thing that is with people constantly buzzing about the u87. i.e. they're both really good mics.......but they're also really hyped mics, and there's never a shortage of sheeple who will buy them (or anything else) because it's the cool/popular/hyped/etc thing to buy. So in the same way you apply a skeptical eye to that, I suggest you do also to compressors, the u87, the so-and-so did this therefore I should, etc.

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