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Thread: How to compress vocals on LogicPro and/or GarageBand?

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    How to compress vocals on LogicPro and/or GarageBand?

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    Hi Everyone!

    When recording a powerful voice on LogicPro and/or GarageBand, what sort of compressors or settings in the compressor should we tweak so that the output of the voice is limited and will not explode into the red volume zone, without losing the volume on the softer singing parts?

    I understand logically that singing further away from the mic when singing loudly often does the job, but I've seen producers slap on a compressor of some sort that prevents the voice from "exploding" (and sounding distorted) without the singer having to pull themselves away from the mic - anyone know how to do this? Please share

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    What prevents distortion is setting your record level so it never goes near the red, even on the loudest parts. Let the quiet parts fall where they may. Compress after recording.

    You could try to control levels using heavy compression but a better method is to make adjustments to the clip gain (or whatever it's called in your DAWs) to even things out first, then compress more lightly.
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    No matter what, it's all about input levels if you're compressing digitally. If that signal was roasting on the way in, it's roasted before it gets to the compressor (analog *or* digital). Then adjust / automate levels. *Then* add compression to make the dynamic range of the vocal fit into the context of the mix.

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    Ah. I need to try it that way. I always automate last for the simple fact that un-automating and then re-doing it is a PITA.
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