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Thread: Help getting rid of line noise?

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    Help getting rid of line noise?

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    This may be my first post in the forum, but I read content here a lot and gt the weekly newsletter. Anyway..

    I have this line noise coming through my signal chain(s), and cannot identify its origin or how to rid myself of it?

    Here is my signal path (identical signal chain x2):

    SOURCE: 6 string electric > Alesis QuadraVerb GT > guitar amp

    Shure SM57 > XLR > Behringer Ultragain t1953 > Pyramid PEQ60 > dbx266XL (tested/bypassed and not issue) > Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 > REAPER (only an iVGI trim plugin for proper gain staging - again tested and not the issue)

    Guitar to amp is all unbalanced and mic signal chain is all balanced. I have considered that the issue might be the amp, but the person that I am recording refuses to change/turn down the level.. so I cannot test that that factor.

    Most of the cables are brand new and the rest are all tested and or working proper.. Am just very confused about on what the issue could be. The microphones are brand new as well....

    I've tried just turning things down as much as I can and that does not solve my problem either. One thought I have is that my tubes are causing the problem. I have replacements on the way. I have not eliminated the t1953 from the chain so as to test that factor. Reason is that I want it to be part of the tone.

    I was trying to use the gate on the 266XL to rid myself of the line noise, but I couldn't quite get it. I tried a plugin as well (against my ethics even).. still couldn't get it. This may just be due to my low skill level with gates.

    Well, I have rambled enough. Hopefully somebody can help me solve my problem.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry, but you have to take stuff out of the chain to see if it is hardware.

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    What he says ^^^^

    1 With nothing plugged into the amp and the amp turned on, is the noise present?

    2 With the guitar plugged straight into the amp (no quadraverb) is the noise present?

    3 Connect the mike directly to the interface and see if the noise persists.

    4 Progressively add bits unitl the noise starts.

    5 If the noise is there no matter what you do, you may be picking up computer noise.

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    +1 to the above.

    Also, be aware that sometimes and amplifier or preamplifier, and input device connected, can be a little noisy.
    When you're troubleshooting, just keep this in mind.

    If you're struggling, an mp3 clip of the noise you're chasing might help.
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    Yes, we need an MP3 clip (and do it at best bit rate. 30 secs or so is plenty but include guitar played AND guitar shut tfup so the noise is isolated)

    But,butty but but! The guitar/amp combination is an inherently noisy system. People tend not to notice how noisy until they apply the "microscope" of digital recording. In my limited experience you are unlikely to get even a DI'ed guitar better than -70dBFS i.e. just a bit better than the best a tape machine could do! The amplifier will, in most cases, add to that noise floor.


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