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Thread: Experiences with mic shields?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CherylJosie View Post
    Total noob here (just about) has no idea why or how? Sensitivity is a linear thing. A less sensitive mic may be better for high SPL? but probably does nothing at all about room acoustics. What you described is a shielded/damped mic and that is different?
    You're absolutely right. It's a piece of information that often gets half-given.
    The less sensitive mics result in less room ambience only because they usually allow you to work closer to them without issues.
    The SM7b large body, metal grill and foam (one layer or the other) aren't really relevant. The fact that you can kiss it while you sing without plosives is the key point.
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    An added observation on OP- reflection shield can, of course, reduce room sound-my point is that if you have a great sounding room and/or the vocal sound you're going for is more "ambient" and less "dry" then it isn't always necessary or useful to set up a shield- my point is what sounds right, is right and that it depends on what you are going for. And for Cheryl I would point out that although the physics of compression and rarefaction that we call sound is nice to know, the mic diaphragm design differences are more important to a sound recordist and I would suggest researching the different sound coloration available by using different mics thru different pre amps-it's a huge subject and the combinations are endless and all different
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