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Thread: Cello, Violin, Guitar, and Possibly Classical Guitar...

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    Hey, Were recording a four piece thing and I just thought it woulden't hurt to get any suggestions from some guys...

    We Have these Mics:
    1 Baby Bottle
    2 MXL 603s (SDC's)
    2 MXL 4000 (SDC's)
    1 Audix D6
    2 Audix D2's
    1 Audix D4
    1 Audix i5
    1 SM57

    And These Pre-Amps:
    1 UA SOLO 610
    1 Dual Channel Compressor
    8 ch Presonus D8
    8 ch Tube Preamp- Tubefire
    8 Tascam Channels (FW-1884)

    I'm Just asking anyone for any suggestions on anything, placing, mic/pre pairing, anything like that...

    I may have to do all of them at the same time or I may be able to do each separately in an iso booth... All the rooms here sound good though so no problem with that...

    I was thinking about maybe some 603's or 4000's on the cello and violin and the Vocals through the Baby bottle and 610 and the violin through the 610 and baby bottle...

    The Keyboard is going to go through Logic Pro so thats not a problem!

    Oh and about compressors, does anyone think it would be a good idea to put the Violin or Cello through?

    Last thing, should we use Tubes with classical music to warm it up? I think it might be worthit...


    After everything Ill tell you how it went and upload some links to the final prouduct!!!
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