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Thread: Amp simulator vs tube amps for home studio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glover902 View Post
    Unfortunately the USB is only for the Axe Fx 2, I have the standard so I don't have that option so I have to use midi to midi to connect so I can use the axe edit software. I brought two midi to midi cables and plugged them in but it's not connecting. The midi lights aren't coming on for either the audio interface or the Axe Fx.
    I'm not a MIDI person at all, but it seems like both the Komplete Audio 6 and Axe Fx are expecting a MIDI *controller* to be connected, but you've connected them together. I'm going to guess you need to get a controller, or two(! - if you want one for the AI), and just use the analog connection from the Axe Fx to the interface. But, that's a guess.
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    I think you'll get a better response if you post your problem over on the Fractal forums, if you haven't already.

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    For home recording both have their limits and really only you can find out by just trying. But I would say if you arent happy with the AXE FX you need to try harder. Because you are going to want it for recording at night so you might as well get on with it. Secondly, not all fx work well if you try to apply after the speaker. Btw if the AF sounds thin you need to consider your computer interface as a possible weak spot. Having good preamps is important. I use all pedals, all analog into good preamps and I am very happy with my sound.

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    I also have a small room, actually 2 small bedrooms. I built myself a tweed deluxe (5e3 with 12” open back cab), bought a small 5w Bugera head w/12” closed back cabinet, and a POD HD when they were $199 on clearance. Nothing is better than cranking an amp up and mic-ing a cabinet. If you can get your Mesa down to 5w, (not using a power soak) and can get your output tubes cranking, I’d try that with a single 12” cab. As another poster said, it would be good to get an open back and a closed back cabinet. The piece of shit Bugera will do 5w without any padding to the output. This enables me to get a good sound that doesn’t sound like the speaker has a blanket over it. I was surprised at how good the Bugera sounds when cranked. I use the 12w tweed for more clean sounds. Neither of the amps are uncomfortably loud and are perfect for recording. I have a 50w Marshall (2203) out in the garage but never use it for recording. It shakes everything in the house.

    I use the small adjacent room for electronic drums and amps (kids left home). If I need to record at night I use the POD HD (which is nowhere near as good as your Axe-FX). You may find it convenient to keep the Axe-FX for times when your neighbors are home. My bedroom shares a wall with my “control room” so I have to keep things really low at night to let the wifey sleep.

    You’ll get the best results using an amp and mic-ing it, but if I had an Axe-FX, I would keep it. Having as many tools as you can allows for flexibility. I wouldn’t keep all the high powered amps if you don’t play out much. Sell one of them and invest in a low wattage tube amp for recording.

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