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Thread: Vintage: Quantum Audio Labs, QM 8. Console from the 70's

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    Vintage: Quantum Audio Labs, QM 8. Console from the 70's

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    I want to show of a really cool modified 8 channel console from the 70's I have.

    The QM 8 that I have has been recapped, 8 direct outs installed and the EQ has been modified, I even have the full manual with schematics and I think is the only manual left,
    I got it used in early 2000 but it was in great condition.

    The EQ use to have a 2 position switch, 50 or 200Hz on the Low and and 3K or 10Khz on the High end, then I had Terry Wusnack (former technician at Quantum Audio Labs) help put in 4 position switches and 8 new custom made EQ cards.
    Now the Low end can switch between 50, 100, 300, 700Hz.
    And the High end can switch between 1K, 3K, 5K, 10Khz

    I just had Terry over yesterday, and we opened it up, checked all channels, recorded some audio and the console is still in excellent condition and sound so good and worm.

    I made a video on YouTube where I show the front and back panel and using the audio from the console.
    search: Quantum Audio Labs, QM 8 on youtube
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    That is a cool console! Can you post a link to the video? More would look at it that way.
    Btw, any of this kind of stuff should be in the analog forum. That's where all the old analog geeks hang out. Yeah some of them are old. (along with the gear they love)

    You'll find you'll get a lot more action there......Oh, and welcome to the nuthouse.

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    Oooo! "Jones" plugs! Well pretty sure they are, the black m'pin jobbies?

    I recall those from the factory where dad was woodshop foreman. They were organ builders and made a pipe organ called the "Gregorian". This used solenoids to trigger the note valves and move the draw stops. The "console", keyboard (called 'manuals') and pedals were one unit and connected to the organ body with loads of Jones plugs.

    Those connectors look like in/out break points are they in use and you just have not shown the umbilical? Probably not a bad idea if you HAVE linked them out? The plugs must be pretty hard to find now?


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