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Thread: vintage cassette tapes?

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    vintage cassette tapes?

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    So I Am a storage shed maintenance man and the boss lets me keep alot of what is abandoned or lost due to rent recently i acquired 4 cassette tapes brand new in the plastic there is a DTK MA-R90 and 3 DTK D120 s i noticed on eBay they sell for a good amount
    My question is How rare are they and are they worth money?

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    DTK??? - I presume you mean TDK.

    The D120 is a basic 2-hour tape, very thin tape and prone to stretching and print-through. I never used these as they are too fragile. It also depends on how old these are as the packaging of the standard D series changed over the years.

    The MA-R90 is a different matter - this is a metal formulation of better quality in a solid metal shell.

    This was the best tape that TDK did and what I used to use in the day for the best recordings.

    They are worth what someone is prepared to pay for them.

    But even the very best cassettes on the most expensive Nakamichi recorders is vastly inferior to even a cheap digital recording.

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    Type II/High Bias tapes are going to be most sought after by home recordists as most of the cassette based recorders only used that formulation. What you've got is a few low grade tapes and one very high quality (Type IV/Metal) tape that isn't compatible with the hardware most people use. I'd have killed for a couple of those back in the day, but it's a different world.

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    When someone says, "Vintage Cassette Tapes" it makes me feel really old LOL.

    I would have over 3000 used cassette tapes stored away, probably never to be played again, some dating back to 1970.


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