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Thread: Tascam Portastudio 464

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    Tascam Portastudio 464

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    Hi, I 'm a brand new member. I have got a present of a Tascam Portastudio 464 in perfect working order ( I believe ?). I play guitar and would love to use it to do some multitrack tapes. My problem is (1) I do not have a user manual or service manual and have been unable to locate one. I have never used a portastudio or anything similar before, so I am operating in the dark. My second problem is , the machine is 120v ( it came from Canada ) and I opened it up and looked at the power transformer. It obviously was connected to the 110V connector, but I noticed that there was a 240V connector marked on the transformer. I was wondering if I could disconnect it from the 120V tapping and connect it to the 240V tapping to eliminate using a bulky and awkward converter unit. Do you think it would be safe ?. In the absence of a service manual I am stymied. I have pictures of the transformer and the relevant connectors, but as I am new to this site I do not know how to send the photos. I would appreciate any help or advice that anyone could give me.
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    Are you sure you looked everywhere on the net? Tascam has to have a manual online somewhere.

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