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Thread: NOOBS!!!BEFORE POSTING!!~READ THIS!! The Ultimate Newbie FAQ thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by tieb View Post
    What is so funny? Just curious.
    PC Win7-64-24G i7-4790k/Cubase 9 Pro 64-bit/2-Steinberg UR824's/ADAM A7x/Event TR8/SS Trigger Plat Deluxe/Melodyne 4 Studio/Other things that don't mean anything if a client shows up not knowing what it wants.

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    Newbs...I are one!...

    WARNING: Long, rambling, non-technical post - Hopefully Helpful

    DISCLAIMER: This post not sanctioned by any moderators or admin folk.

    I joined this forum 13 months ago after fervently lurking for about a year. I was as intrigued by the informative content as I was by the repartee of the colorful characters. I have learned a lot here about the technical aspects of home recording such as tracking and mixing techniques, EQ, Compression, mic selection and placement, hardware and software selections, etc. I have also learned a lot about forum etiquette. I find the latter equally important to the former for a successful journey here.

    I note that there are certain unwritten rules (mostly just plain old common sense) that should be observed when posting on the site. Following are a few of my personal recommendations, certainly not all-encompassing and also not in order of importance;

    1) Don't be a DICK!
    2) Don't post a "Can I Sing?" thread - This forum is dedicated to home recording abilities, not performance abilities.
    3) This is not a site for advertising your wares, drive-by attention grabbing, or self aggrandizement.
    4) As a newbie with zero posts, don't expect a review of your "hot new track". Until you have established a little credibility as a contributor by showing interest in the work of others, your post will get little if any positive attention. Example; even though I am still just a novice at making mixing decisions, I DO recognize whether a recording sounds good or bad (subjectively of course, and in MY listening environment), and can point out what appear to me to be obvious flaws. I can also offer encouragement and positive reinforcement of what (in My listening environment and in MY brain) sounds good where appropriate, hopefully without patronizing. People posting recordings can either take my advice or not...their call, which leads to my next observation.
    5) You may chose to read or not read, comment on or not comment on any post. Check yourself before you make a dickish or troll-like comment. There is much to be gained on this forum by presenting yourself as sincere, helpful and courteous. In my humble view, the good old "Golden Rule" applies.

    This post is filled with "don'ts" and "cautions" which sounds negative, but observing some common sense will lead to a very positive, fun, exciting and informative experience.

    Again, just a few comments from a non-descript forum member hoping to ease your journey, and in effort to preserve the credibility and usefulness of the site in general. Many if not all of the "sticky" threads can benefit new folks if you take the time to read them before posting.

    Very happily using Reaper, Tascam us-1800, Tannoy...Crawling and hoping to soon be walking then newb experience!

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    Much appreciated!

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