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Thread: Need suggestion and/or where to learn on best program/process for audio editing?

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    Need suggestion and/or where to learn on best program/process for audio editing?

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    I'm essentially looking to do a few things and unsure as to whether A) Audition is the proper program I should be utilizing and B) How I can figure out how to go about doing it/learning it/

    So what I need to do is:

    1) Take a handful of clips and combine them into one podcast intro track. So for example: I have three spliced smaller tracks, one of which is a short music clip, the other is a dialogue clip that I'd like imposed at one point during the music clip, and then a final recording with a voice over stating the title of my podcast to signal the end of the intro track. I just need to add all these pieces together and make a proper intro.
    1) Edit podcast episodes. I have them recorded but there's small edit areas that need trimming. Is Audition the place to : 1) Trim them up smoothly and 2) Add the podcast track itself to the intro tracks?

    I basically need to edit and combine audio tracks. And also fuse them together and potentially pan certain areas in and out for the intro track. Is this achievable in audition or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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    A.A. is essentially an editor so probably your best choice. However there are shedloads of alternatives and most are available to download and trial.

    I have used Sony Soundforge, mainly for vinyl cleanup. You might get on better with a "cut & shunt" style DAW such as Fruity Loops or even Steinberg Sequel?

    Audacity is of course totally free and although not generally recommended for the usual home recordist is I understand a pretty formidable editor?


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