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Thread: MACKIE HD24 machine vs ALESIS HD24 machine

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    Question MACKIE HD24 machine vs ALESIS HD24 machine

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    I just recently asked questions about the various models of Mackie HD24's and their differences. Now, I am curious (after reading other posts) which is preferred or better, and why? The Mackie HD24 unit or the Alesis HD24 unit? I currently have several ADAT tape machines I am using which I would like this unit to replace, OR sync inline with (tape to both HD and tape machines at the same time) if possible>?

    Anyone have any experience, advice or input?

    Thanks and once again, much appreciated

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    Haven't used the Mackie ones but the Alesis is a quality piece of kit. Excellent converters.

    Have you tried running a forum search? I'm sure there's been some threads like this in the past - this isn't really a newbie question either so try posting it in some of the other boards if you don't get much here.

    Good luck!

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