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Thread: Little help with this sound ?

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    Little help with this sound ?

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    Hi, I'm trying to have a specific sound or EFFECT. THIS AT 1m17 ( )

    The background(wobwob) sound that goes up and down. I want to know if there's a plugin to do this effect or a tricks easier than doing it with volume automation(with mouse) OR with PEN tools and automation.

    I have several instruments but can't find how to make this happen (Serum, Atmospehre, Nexus, FM8, Massive, Omnisphere)

    Thanks !
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    It's a synth with a tremelo-type effect.
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    That sounds like a super saw that is being modulated by filters and possibly an eq sweep, it's called a "wobble" bass and it's a common dubstep sound... Harmor VST has some dubstep presets that might give you a starting point. Also check out SeamlessR on YouTube, he gives tutorials on this type of sound design in FL Studio. I assume that is the DAW you are using. Good Luck!

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