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Thread: I need help w/external cd burner!

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    I need help w/external cd burner!

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    I just boght an older external CD burner off of Ebay for my Korg D12, that isn't on the recommended list at It's a Smart & Friendly 4012-cdr brand SCII which is really a Teac R55S under the hood. I have the burner set to 6 and the D12 on the G drive. The D12 recognizes the burner and whether or not there is a disc in it, but whenever I try to do a function with the burner it always says either 'illegal disc', or illegal drive/operation'. I've tried a few different blank cd's in it, including 3 different brands, with always the same results. Could it be that this burner just isn't compatible with the D12? Why does it recognize ok then? Very strange. I've noticed on this forum that sometimes it can be hard to get a SCII drive going so I'm wondering if I'm just having some problems I haven't figured out yet. I'm not sure how to reach the drive except for 'system' and 'track' controls on the D12. If the recorder recognizes whether or not there's a cd burner attached, it seems that it would also be able to use the burner. Then again, technology can be fickle. Any help is appreciated and thank you very much!

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    Yo Invisible One:}

    You might check with Korg and ask about the burner and/or your problem.

    Just a couple of items popped into my head: Have you mixed your stuff down to two track stereo? On my 2816 this is necessary in order to burn the CD.

    Another idea: What format have you recorded in? If you're not using the standard format for CD burning, you won't get any action.

    Hope this helps out.

    Green Hornet

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