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Thread: Help! All advice will be appreciated

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    Help! All advice will be appreciated

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    I have a microphone issue!

    I make short food films in my new job, it's going really well. I plug a small clip/lapel mic into the input on the side of my Canon DSLR and it works great, the microphone is an embarrassing cheap and nasty mic from Amazon (link below).

    The sound quality is pretty good for what I need. However, I have to do a job this week and will need to record more than one person so I have bought a Behringer U-PHORIA (with pre-amp inputs) which I have connected to my Mac via USB.

    I know this is working as I have connected my electric guitar and have got this to work fine in Garageband, but the mic will not do anything.

    I have tried connecting the mic to the line-in on the side of the Mac (and have changed the input in system preferences) but it is still dead!

    So my question is - why does it work fine in my camera but not in my mac?


    Link to microphone...
    Speedlink Spes Clip-On Microphone: Computers & Accessories

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    It needs a low voltage power supply which is applied to the audio line, and makes the mic work. The camera provides this. Pre-amps don't. Some can supply 48V phantom power to condenser mics with balanced connections, but even those won't power this type of mic. You can buy gizmos to power it, but they all cost far more than the mic. They're actually not that bad, despite the cost - BUT - are only going to work with cameras that can supply power in this way, or radio microphone transmitter packs.

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