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Thread: Headphone Mix Settings/Outputs : Logic Pro X & Scarlett 6i6

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    Unhappy Logic not recognizing Scarlett's Output 3-4

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    Equipment: Logic Pro X 10.1.8, Scarlett 6i6 (updated drivers), iMac running Yosemite.

    I was trying to create a headphone mix different than my main mix in Logic 10.1, my interface is the Scarlett 6i6. In doing so, I ran into the problem that I can't get ANY sound out of OUTPUT 3-4.

    4 tracks going to main output (1-2).
    Same 4 tracks bussed to Aux headphone channel with volumes adjusted to provide alternative mix.
    Aux Headphone Channel output is set to Output 3-4;

    I can not get any sound from Output 3-4, unless I have "Mirror" checked in prefs (see below), and this only gives me exactly what's coming out of Output 1-2. Otherwise, I get silence.

    Things I've tried:
    a. In Logic Prefs, under I/O, I originally selected "mirror" for Output 3-4, then I unchecked it. When it is checked I get the same mix as Main Output 1-2. When I uncheck it, I get absolutely nothing, no signal, silence, bupkis.
    b. I tried routing ALL of my channels to Output 3-4, just for funzies. Got silence again.
    c. I set up MixControl so that "Mix 3" was going to Output 3-4, got silence.

    It seems like Logic is simply not recognizing Scarlett's Output 3-4.

    I am sure the real problem is a newbie *operator error*, but can not seem to find the solution.
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