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Thread: fruity loops 32nd notes

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    fruity loops 32nd notes

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    Im writing a metal song and im having trouble getting figureing out the drums using fruity loops. tempo for the guitar parts are at 120 but i want the drums to run in 32nd notes so it sounds faster. im not able to figure out how to do this in fruity loops. i could just raise the tempo but that means the guitar part tempo will raise too. is it possible to create 32nd notes in fruity loops?


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    Drop the 'Options' menu and go to 'project general settings'.

    That's where you find the time signature info for the pattern. If you want more than 1 pattern with 32nd notes just copy and paste the first one.

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    when i did that it just adds notes to the bar. it wont actually turn them into 32nd notes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssscientist
    Drop the 'Options' menu and go to 'project general settings'.
    When you do this, set the bars to 4, and the beats to 8.

    After that, you'll have to re-program the drums the way you want them to sound,( the original patterns will not sound the same) then add in the 32nd note fills.
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