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Thread: error initializing asio driver

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    error initializing asio driver

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    I am running reaper, on windows 7, with the firestudio. When I open reaper it says error initializing asio driver. I never had this problem with my firstudio mobile, only with this one, which i was hoping was going to be an upgrade from my previous interface. I've tried to fix it but i cant. The weird thing is reaper is reading the interface, when i go to configure audio hardware it shows the firestudio is connected, I have enable inputs box checked, but when i click on the scroll down menu to select the inputs its completely blank and i can't select any inputs. Its like it knows the interface is there but the inputs are not working. Is there anything I can do to fix this? If not, should I just return it?

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    Do you have the latest drivers installed or have you tried reinstalling the drivers? Check Presonus website.

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    Download Revouninstaller and remove any and all Presonus software using the most advanced setting in Revo.
    Download Ccleaner and run the registry cleaner. Or/as well, Restore the PC to the pre-Presonus condition.
    Download the drivers afresh (I once dldd corrupted drivers for my 2496 in a W7/64PC) and give it all another do.


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