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Thread: bass tone??

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    bass tone??

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    I cant' get a good bass sound on my recordings. Anyone have any tips or advice on gear that would help the issue?

    I have tried recording 2 ways. The first way was plugging the bass directly into my behringer MX602a, which outputs to my audiophile 2496. The other way was plugging my bass into my guitar pod, and then directly plugging that into my audiophile. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Also, while I am here, should I be plugging my POD into the behringer mixer which outputs to my soundcard,or just directly into the soundcard like i have been doing?

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    I dont have problems doing it both ways as you do. Perhaps you need to do a little EQ'ing within your software.
    The main thing is to try and get the sound your looking for from the get go.

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    Plug your bass into the pod, then your pod into the board. Thats what works for me anyway.

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    Originally posted by Bdgr
    Plug your bass into the pod, then your pod into the board. Thats what works for me anyway.
    I agree. The MX602a will just colour and degrade the sound a bit. My MX802a does... Try one of the cleaner amps and compression on the Pod... And turn the reverb knob all the way down!


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    Try diiferent pickup combinations and settings too.

    If you have a cab & a decent mic, try recording direct and a mic'ed signal at the same time, then mix the two together on playback to taste.
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